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The Muslim Tourist | April 23, 2019

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About Us

The Muslim Tourist - Your Essential Muslim Travel Guide

The Muslim Tourist – Your Essential Muslim Travel Guide. A comprehensive travel guide to benefit and inspire Muslims plan their perfect trip.

About Us


Our vision is to be the first stop for Muslims undertaking any trip. To provide and benefit Muslims with travel guide information and advice that will help them keep their faith steadfast and inspire them whilst they undertake their journeys. Our mission is to be the market leader in this sector and eventually host information for every single country in the world.

Description is a travel guide website to equip Muslims with travel information and advice to inspire them and help them travel the world with confidence and keep their faith steadfast. This will be done by keeping Muslims connected to all things Islamic on their trip.

We want to evolve from our humble Magazine-style beginning to have features like where the nearest prayer facility is located, mosques, qibla directions, prayer times, travel prayer supplications, where they can find Halal food, shopping, Islamic travel advice and tips, airport guides, photo galleries, maps and facts about local Muslim populations. There will be knowledge on Islamic history, art and culture on each destination and details on Islamic sights and tourist attractions. Amongst the Muslim specific knowledge the website will also be a general destination guide and much much more.

Another main feature of the website will be our well-researched and recommended itineraries. This will help Muslims with suggested routes, tours or trips for their chosen destination.

The key part of the website will be the involvement of Muslim travellers all over the world to socialise and connect together through the website to form a community. These users can make comments, discuss, rate and review places to stay, eat, visit, shop or just enjoy. Giving the personal people friendly social atmosphere.

So the next time you decide to plan your trip, check out